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Find the shape that suits you at a great price! Follow our tips to find the bra that will enhance your shape. Don't forget our collection of panties for a nice set !

  • 2-hook bra extender

    £ 2.00
    The ultimate lingerie accessory: this extender for more length and comfort! -Equipped with 2 leve ...
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  • skin-friendly body tape

    £ 11.00
    Body tape? It's THE must-know tip: countless ways to position it, under a dress, a strapless top, or ...
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  • Transparent straps

    £ 2.00
    No longer settle for visible straps that ruin your outfit and opt for 100% invisible straps! -Adj ...
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  • round nipple covers

    £ 8.00
    Discover these transparent nipple covers, the ideal accessory to enhance your outfit discreetly! ...
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Bandeau bras, brassiere, wireless… Discover our bras

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How to pick THE most comfortable and sexy bra from the undiz collection ? Discover all of our tips !

Which type of bra is more comfortable ?

There is a wide variety of bras for women ! For this reason, it can be difficult to select the one that is right for you. If comfort is your priority, there are many models you can choose from. Among these is the wireless bra. It is suitable for small and medium-sized breasts. Even without wiring, it provides good support. Looking for something chic and elegant? Then lace is the way to go. Some of our models feature embroidery or mini-corset-like detailing. If you wish to enhance your bust, prepare to be seduced by our wireless ampliform bras.
Comfort is also guaranteed with a triangular bra. undiz had fun incorporating patterns to keep things interesting !

Which bra is sexiest ?

If sexy is the goal, a triangular bra is what you want! But it's not the only model that will enhance your bust and figure. Push-up bras Perfectly fulfil their role, enhancing small and medium-sized breasts by lifting them. As the name suggests, these bras push the breasts up. They also shape and accentuate them. Push-up bras offer great support, while remaining comfortable and elegant. If you really want to go all out, don’t hesitate to opt for a cleavage bra. undiz has added removable pads.
You have the choice to leave them in or remove them, according to your liking and comfort. Lace is undoubtedly the archetypal fabric for a sexy appeal. It can be used for simple designs or for fancier models with attention-grabbing details.

Which bra is best suited for large busts ?

For full-chested ladies, it's not always easy to find the right lingerie. However, undiz has a solution for them too. We have designed plunge bras that combine comfort and elegance. These ampliform models provide very good support. Available in lace, cotton or microfibres, you are spoilt for choice. As for colours, we have done everything we can to bring you an enticing selection. Black, white, red, blue, purple – with our collections, there's always something new to try !
Bandeau bras and brassieres are also ideal for workouts or quiet days at home. Here too, we provide a wide range of materials, colours and patterns. Lastly, the more daring among us will not shy away from choosing push-up models to further enhance their figure. When it comes to lingerie, there are no rules !