• Bugs Bunny patterned fleece shorts

    £ 18.00
    Dive into the world of Bugs Bunny with these ultra-soft BUNNIZ shorts. These scallop cut shorts are ...
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  • Glittery lurex top

    £ 14.00
    Discover our grey VITALUREXIZ top with glitter that'll brighten up any outfit! With its body-hugging ...
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  • Bugs Bunny slippers

    £ 21.00
    You'll love these soft and fluffy BUNNIZ slippers featuring your favourite Bugs Bunny character, gua ...
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  • Fleece pyjama trousers

    £ 29.00
    Discover the ultimate in comfort with these loose-fitting FURPANTIZ fleece pyjama trousers. Perfect ...
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  • Bugs Bunny patterned fleece sweatshirt

    £ 31.00
    If you're a big fan of Bugs Bunny, then the BUNNIZ sweatshirt is a must-have! Jump into the world of ...
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  • Glittery lurex trousers

    £ 19.00
    Add some style to your outfits with the grey VITALUREXIZ glittery trousers! With their wide, ultra-c ...
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  • Panpan print sweatshirt

    £ 28.00
    If you're a big fan of BAMBI, then the PANPANLIZ sweatshirt is a must-have! Jump into the world of y ...
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