NEW INNOVATION : the snap-button underwear to easily remove and put back your period panty!
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    Seamless period panties;
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    Check out our seamless TORREONIZ period panties, available in skin colour. With a comfortable fit, ...
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Our Undiz panties are perfectly in line with our wecare environmental programme and are mainly made of eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton and recycled polyamide.
Whether you have a light, medium or heavy flow, our panties are designed to absorb the equivalent of 1 to 4 tampons. Express absorption, zero wetness and zero odour: no more nappy feel, our knickers can be forgotten under even the tightest clothes.
Our menstrual pants are super innovative, as they contain snap buttons on the side edges for even more convenience! This makes them easier to remove and change!
Our maintenance tips
Rinse it with cold water as soon as you remove it.
Wash it in a washing machine at a maximum of 30° with an appropriate washing program, without softener, and if possible, in a laundry net.
Let your underwear air dry. Avoid using the dryer or placing it on a radiator.
To avoid skin irritation and fiber buildup in the underwear, we recommend to use organic and eco-friendly detergents that do not contain parabens or fragrances.
Our usage tips
We recommend testing it for the first time during a weekend at home to ensure its comfort and proper use.
This underwear is particularly suitable for first periods because it is practical, comfortable, and hassle-free.
To make its use even easier, opt for those with snap buttons.
For a comfortable night, choose the boyshort that promotes a dry feeling with its wide protection band.
If you're looking for maximum discretion under tight-fitting clothes, the string-shaped period underwear is ideal for light flows at the end of your period, for example.
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