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undiz boutique de lingerie pour femmes et hommes


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Discover the world of undiz

Founded in 2007, the undiz brand emerged from the irrepressible desire to revolutionise lingerie into something younger, freer, with a more WTF vibe – lingerie for every woman and every preference. With no constraints and no rules, but always slightly quirky, our collections are available at low prices with new designs all the time. NEVER BORING!

Light or padded bras, sexy tanga briefs or briefs with slogans – our fun and quirky lingerie suits every mood and fits every body shape from A cups to E cups. From incredible collabs that are always bang on trend to super chill collections, for home wear or at the beach, for mini or maxi boobs – we've got your back!

Welcome to the undiz family !

nouveautés lingerie et pyjama tous les 15 jours

by undiz

les valeurs de la marque undiz

Cheeky, creative, positive, and accessible – undiz is a bit like the BFF of your lingerie. A brand with strong values ​​of diversity, self-acceptance and self confidence. A brand that is increasingly committed to women, all the women everywhere! A brand with a super involved community with a strong sense of belonging.

undiz is you!

le savoir-faire undiz

by undiz

la qualité undiz

The undiz brand is a unique synergy between quirkiness and expertise. Yep, we've got unique corsetier skills, which means we know what we're doing when it comes to cleavage!

Although we make it seem like nothing, we call on know-how from 10 different professions to carefully assemble the 50 pieces that go into making each bra.

Although we might look relaxed, we NEVER joke when it comes to your boobs. Maximum comfort, the perfect fit and high-end lace details – we bring our whole lingerie expertise to the table when it comes to flattering your cleavage.

by undiz

  • instagram undiz family
  • instagram undiz family
  • instagram undiz family

The undizfamily is us but, more importantly, it's all of you women out there!

Fancy starring on our Insta feed?
Share your best undiz looks by mentioning @undizfamily with #undizfamily!
You'll get a chance of featuring on undiz' social networks and on in accordance with our terms and conditions.

Join our crazy community on Insta, Facebook and Tiktok, we promise you'll love it!

discover the @undizfamily