small acts, big impacts
For Undiz, creativity is not limited to offering you ever more stylish collections at low prices so that you can play around with your looks, whatever your style, your mood or your budget.

Every day, we also come up with ways to have a better impact on the environment and the community. Since 2018 and the launch of the WeCare programme, we've been using more and more eco-friendly materials in our collections and our packaging, we've been collaborating with associations whose inclusive values we share... and this summer, Undiz is creating collection points so we can give swimwear we no longer wear a new lease of life!

better together

This programme is implemented through 3 key points at undiz:


100% of our products are part of the transparency project


there's nothing to hide in our factories either! You can visit them yourself thanks to a QR code printed on each WeCareproduct label and more: all of them fulfil demanding international standards and are regularly audited by independent bodies.


62% of our collection is more eco-friendly*


Organic cotton, recycled fibres, low-energymanufacturing processes,and eco-designed packaging, etc. With every collection, we innovate to reduce our environmental impact to the max.


52 collection points


We're the first to invest in the recycling of swimwear: bring your old swimwear to our store, drop them in the bins specially for them, and we'll do the rest.

Isn't a second lease of life wonderful?!


62% of our collection is more eco-friendly!

Because our priority is to make you dream with eco-responsible products at very low prices. Every day we continue to integrate more and more materials made of fibres with less environmental impact, to always surpass ourselves.

Organic cotton

guaranteed as being GMO-free and grown without synthetic pesticides or herbicides. This means reducing water is needed to grow the crops compared to conventional cotton.

The recycled polyester

comes mainly from plastic bottles, which means waste is reused as well as reducing the production of conventional polyester.

The recycled polyamide

comes mainly from production off cuts but also from nylon fishing nets ideal for reducing our waste and its harmful effects on marine biodiversity. It also helps preserve non-renewable resources and reduce energy consumption. The lace of our BESTFRIENDIZ bra is made from 50% recycled polyamide!

Viscose fibre LenzingTM EcoVeroTM

made using wood pulp from forests that are managed sustainably. Its manufacturing process requires less water andenergy.

Modal lenzing TM

an extra soft fabric made using wood pulp from forests that are managed sustainably. Its manufacturing process requires less water and less energy.

Eco printing

Thanks to eco-friendly printing, our products are coloured using an innovative waterless printing technique, which greatly reduces the environmental impact.


In addition to the eco-responsible materials used in our product range

environmental commitment for undiz also means...

Nothing to hide

100% of our manufacturing plants around the world regularly get audited by independent bodies and fulfil rigorous international standards (BSCI, SMETA, SA8000 or ICS)

Transparency project

Scan the QR code on the label of your new item from 100% our collection and see behind the scenes of how it was produced through a short presentation video showing the garment factory and information about it. More transparency means more trust!

Long live your swimwear

this summer undiz is becoming part of the circular economy so it can become the number one swimwear brand in secondhand swimwear!

Recycled plastic hangers

100% of our lingerie hangers are made from certified recycled plastic

Our packaging

100% of our packaging (online bags and shop bags) are developed with eco-friendly materials. Infinitely reusable bags or almost: it just depends on you! To wrap your purchases, you have the choice :- of a bag in store and online it's a certified recycled paper bag - a bowl bag made of 50% recycled fibres Always keep a bag in your bag


Girls supporting girls supporting girls

Since 2018, Undiz has worked with associations that are committed to reducing social inequalities and raising awareness of causes that particularly affect young women.