period panties 🌈

period panties 🌈

Change the rules and wear menstrual panties! An eco-responsible gesture and the best alternative to conventional protection. Goodbye tampons and pads!
one, it's fine, three it's wow!!!

You have been dreaming about it, Undiz has done it: period panties made of organic cotton or recycled microcotton,
washable and reusable, safe for your body and your planet, with a great look and a great price!
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Our Undiz panties are perfectly in line with our wecare environmental programme and are mainly made of eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton and recycled polyamide.
Whether you have a light, medium or heavy flow, our panties are designed to absorb the equivalent of 1 to 4 tampons. Express absorption, zero wetness and zero odour: no more nappy feel, our knickers can be forgotten under even the tightest clothes.
super stylish
Whether you go for tanga briefs or something more classic, boxers with a high waist or full coverage, whether you're dancing in a mini skirt or cuddling up in a onesie, you'll be able to live your best life without stress with up to 12 hours of protection.

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Ultra-absorbent technology for optimum comfort
ultra-soft and absorbent cotton for a dry
and odour-neutral feeling of well-being!
ultra-absorbent sponge layer
invisible even under tight clothing
waterproof material
to be «ovaires the rainbow»
the bottom of the pants that takes care of your style
Casual, glam’ ou boyish, choose your mood
How do I care for the
period panties?
rinse the panties with
cold water after use
machine wash
at 30 degrees
let the panties
air dry!
any questions ?
see our FAQ
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