The balconette bra, the timeless bra in every wardrobe! Crush on the new scarf bras for a so sexy cleavage at low prices!

The balconette bra: sexy cool and elegant

Made of lace, microfiber or cotton, we love the balconette bra for its shaping and the elegance of its semi-encompassing cut that stops halfway down the bust for a sexy and natural cleavage.

What kind of bust for a balconette bra?

With its underwired and cupless shape, the balconette bra (also called corbeille bra) is suitable for all breast sizes. It has the advantage of providing good support while enhancing the chest to give it a beautiful rounded and voluminous shape. Most of our models are available from A cup to F cup. Some of our bras are also available without underwire for maximum comfort and movement (ideal for small to medium breasts).

Our advice on how to choose the right balconette bra :

The big plus of the balconette bra: it allows you to get a good support while ensuring a great neckline! We like to see it declined in different materials and shapes, without shell or ampliform, with or wirefree, to change according to your desires. We crush on the cotton version for more comfort and freedom of movement, and on a lace and embroidery version for an elegant and stunning neckline. The balconette bra is ideal for everyday wear and adapts to all the events in your life thanks to its shape and its infinitely variable patterns. Its straps attached to the outside of the cups ensure that this timeless bra is discreet and comfortable all day long.

What to wear a balconette bra with?

Its curvaceous and semi-embossing shape allows you to obtain a voluminous and open neckline while remaining natural. Suitable for all looks, it can also be worn with tops and shirts with plunging, V or square necklines for a sexy and delicate cleavage.

3 advantages of the corbeille bra :

- An optimal support
- An open, voluminous and natural neckline
- A discreet and light shape