At Undiz, we love offering you fun, colourful, ultra-trendy and accessible collections, and much more! Discover our actions to move towards more responsible and ever accessible fashion.
Carbon Footprint
Between 2019 and 2022, we reduced Undiz's carbon emissions by 40%
That's equivalent to 77,000 tonnes of CO2, which is nearly 500 return flights from Paris to Sydney!

During the same period, Undiz's carbon footprint per product decreased from 4.93 kgCO2 to 4.31 kgCO2 in 2022, representing a reduction of 29%.
Water Savings
51 millions
liters of water save
We have increased the share of our wecare products, which now represents 74% of our collection. The use of organic cotton has significantly reduced water consumption in the manufacturing of our products. Over 20% of Undiz cotton t-shirts are made from organic cotton.

This has enabled us to save 51 million liters of water!
We guarantee traceability, which is displayed on all our products through the presence of a QR code printed on each label.
Single-use Plastic
of plastic by year
By opting for cardboard packaging, we have reduced the amount of plastic by over 10,000 kg per year, which is equivalent to the weight of 3 orcas!
In our new shop concept, we incorporate bricks made from recycled swimwear collected via the collection points set up in our shops last year. These bricks are used as design elements and have been manufactured in collaboration with the French start-up FabBRICK®.
The Etam Group is the first entity to use in-house technology that allows a solid colour to be printed on a textile substrate, and Undiz is the first French company to benefit from this on a large scale. This innovation drastically reduces water usage and significantly lowers energy consumption during the manufacturing process, thereby limiting the environmental impact of our products.

Compared to traditional dyeing methods:
CO2 emissions
use of fossil resources
freshwater eutrophication
Our latest shop concept takes a bold step towards a more immersive and responsible shopping experience by incorporating decorative elements designed in collaboration with FabBRICK®! A selection of swimsuits collected last summer through our in-shop bins has been transformed into ecological bricks and integrated as design and decor elements.
Because everyone can adopt more responsible consumption,
here are some super easy tips to apply in your daily life!
To limit your carbon footprint, whenever possible, choose to travel by train instead of flying.
To reduce your water consumption, place a full closed water bottle in the toilet tank.
To decrease the purchase of single-use plastics, use reusable water bottles, straws and utensils, and bring your own bags for fruits and vegetables.
To participate in the circular economy, drop off your swimsuits at the Undiz collection points.
And most importantly, go for our more responsible WeCare products.