At Undiz, summer is all about freedom. Freedom of movement, freedom of style, freedom to be whoever you want to be. Summer x Undiz brings the vacation vibe to your wardrobe!
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The smell of sunscreen, warm sand underfoot, sunsets and stunning landscapes. At Undiz, everyone has their own summer: whether on a café terrace, by the pool, or at the beach, with your head underwater or feet up on a lounger, always in stylish and comfortable outfits, vibrant colours, and a festive atmosphere. Are you ready to experience an unforgettable summer?
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Undiz launches a swimwear capsule collection in partnership with singer Bianca Costa, a rising bossa trap star. This collaboration is part of Undiz's commitment to supporting and showcasing emerging music artists while creating collections that embody the brand's values.

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  • one-piece swimming costume

    £ 26.00
    The one-piece swimsuit combines sexy and practicality with its plunging neckline and ultra-trendy hi ...
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It's summertime! And undiz offers you its essential 1-piece swimsuits. Why choose a one-piece swimsuit instead of a bikini and how to choose it? undiz accompanies you !

What are the advantages of the one-piece swimsuit ?

During a long time, the one-piece swimsuit was considered a bit old-fashioned. However, for some time now, he has been making a comeback... What is the secret of this triumphant reappearance? The one-piece swimsuit for women has now changed a lot. It is indeed more varied and much sexier than before! What's more, it has many advantages...
The one-piece swimsuit allows to hide all the small curves that some people do not want to show. Some one-piece swimsuit are also shaping and have a flat stomach effect!
Another major advantage: unlike a bikini, which has a hard time staying in place in the waves, the one-piece swimsuit allows you to move and do sports in complete freedom, without being afraid to reveal your anatomy.
Finally, if you're worried about sunburn, the one-piece swimsuit provides more skin coverage. It therefore allows you to preserve your epidermis from UV rays while saving on sunscreen.

Which one-piece swimsuit to choose according to your morphology?

Of course, like any other clothing or your lingerie, your one-piece women swimsuit should be chosen according to your morphology and your tastes. Thus, if your chest is generous, avoid plunging necklines. To preserve a sexy side without it becoming vulgar, turn to a bare back one-piece swimsuit , or with a cross neckline in the back.
If you have small shoulders and wide hips, the one-piece swimsuit can also allow you to rebalance your silhouette if you wish. In this case, choose a strapless model or one tied at the neck. Finally, if you want to give the illusion that you have more chest, know that there are also one-piece swimsuit with push-up!
Also, your swimsuit should be chosen according to the shape of your hips. If your hips are very thin, you should know that a one-piece swimsuit shortygives more volume to the hips. It is an excellent way to rebalance your curves. On the other hand, if your backside is already plump, highlight it with a more indented cut.
Finally, in general, plain swimsuits tend to slim the figure, especially when they are in dark colors. Prints, on the other hand, add volume. Some of them also mix patterns on the upper body and uniform colors on the bottom, like high-waisted panties. They allow to structure the silhouette.