With our collections, we give everyone the opportunity to express all aspects of their personality. We believe in the power of color and imagination, turning our collections into your space of self expression. We are of those who initiate the change, We don’t try to fit in, we thrive by giving you range.We are the brand for all styles, all generations, all moods, and all budgets. In our world, styles, generations, moods, and budgets come together in perfect harmony.Undiz is your playground: invent, create, express yourself!
Since our creation in 2007 our goal has remained the same to be the first French brand for lingerie, homewear and pyjamas to offer fun colorful and affordable collections. We strive to be, with each collection, always trendier and more respectful of the environment.

We put our lingerie expertise back in our customer’s hands, we want our collection to be their space of self expression.
We give everyone the opportunity to explore and get to know themselves by giving them the tools to build confidence, connect with others and assert themselves. Collections that address a whole generation that want to be comfortable in their own skin from XS to XL, from A cup to F cup. At Undiz, we provide for all skin tones and all genders, whether you're on the move or in chill mode, on the street or in bed, on the dance floor or at the beach.
We offer quality products at affordable prices without compromising on style, materials, and colours.
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Undiz is the easygoing brand that challenges unreachable fashion standards. Tall or short blonde or brunette, A cup or F cup, wearing a sexy tanga or a chill fleece, in a glittery swimsuit or wearing Pikachu socks, everyone finds their happy moment.

It all starts and ends with the Undiz Family, always buzzing and welcoming. Being part of the Undizfamily means, above all, being able to be yourself within a friendly and genuine community. Everything we imagine, invent, and create is for you.
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Undiz is also about respect. Respect for our customers, as well as for our partners, who are constantly audited to respect the working conditions of those who contribute to the brand.Respect for nature, with an uncompromising CSR policy. With the launch of the WECARE program, we have decided to reduce the environmental impact of our raw materials by prioritizing organicand recycled fibers. We strive to achieve 80 more responsible products and to reduce the carbon emissions of our products by 40 by 2030.
Our We Care program
Undiz is also a safe space for sharing social matters without taboo, without judgment, with kindness and tolerance cyberbullying, sexuality in all its aspects, mental health, but also periods, complexes...

We offer a platform to our community to allow people to speak out on these subjects, so their voices can be heard.