• Panpan print sweatshirt

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    If you're a big fan of BAMBI, then the PANPANLIZ sweatshirt is a must-have! Jump into the world of y ...
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  • Panpan print pyjama trousers

    £ 16.00
    Immerse yourself in the world of BAMBI with these ultra-soft and comfortable PANPANLIZ trousers. The ...
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  • Bugs Bunny patterned fleece sweatshirt

    £ 31.00
    If you're a big fan of Bugs Bunny, then the BUNNIZ sweatshirt is a must-have! Jump into the world of ...
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  • Glittery lurex trousers

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    Add some style to your outfits with the grey VITALUREXIZ glittery trousers! With their wide, ultra-c ...
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  • Glittery lurex top

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  • Fleece pyjama trousers

    £ 29.00
    Discover the ultimate in comfort with these loose-fitting FURPANTIZ fleece pyjama trousers. Perfect ...
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  • Panpan print T-shirt

    £ 14.00
    Discover the world of BAMBI with this PANPANLIZ T-shirt. With its short sleeves and round neck, this ...
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  • Bugs Bunny patterned fleece shorts

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  • Bugs Bunny slippers

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Women's pyjamas : Large choice of pyjamas

DIiscover our women's pyjamas on undiz.com

Pyjamas are important! And at Undiz, we offer a wide selection, for your greatest happiness, but which one to choose?

Which pyjamas for chilly women?

When the cooler days arrive, we like to curl up in a pyjama soft and "pilou pilou". Knit or satin pants, sweater or sweatshirt, our online catalog is full of longs pyjamas to keep you warm in fall and winter. To complete your ensemble, don't forget to opt for socks and slippers to keep your feet warm. Then, all you have to do is wrap yourself in a blanket and warm your hands with a nice hot chocolate. Our pyjama pants can be worn just as well in the spring as in the summer. They are perfect for cool days and evenings. They are also great for staying home to chill out during those cozy moments. Undiz has also designed sets to always match your outfit. Play it simple or have fun combining tops and bottoms for more originality.

Which pyjamas for audacious women?

Looking for a sexier touch? Then discover our selection of satin pyjamas for women. Shirts, dresses, nighties, we have designed a whole collection for the most audacious. Find also beautiful pieces in lace or velvet, because at Undiz, we know that all tastes are in nature! ! Thanks to our sexy pyjamas>, you're sure to make a sensation! We have combined elegance and comfort for everyone's pleasure. Our low-cut or bare-back dresses are suitable for both day and night. Their material will not fail to seduce you and you will love to please and "chill out" in your pyjama.

Which pyjamas for female players?

Disney, Harry Potter, Coca-Cola, at Undiz, we knew how to keep our child spirit! And we know that our favorite customers have the same spirit! That's why we prepare surprises regularly throughout the year. Pocahontas, Stitch, Marie, Tinkerbell...Find all your favorite Disney characters on our girls pyjamas section. Tank tops, shorts, t-shirts or trousers, your collection is ready to grow. Star Wars, Barbie or Pokemon, proudly wear the colours of your childhood. Pop culture holds no secrets for you, which is more of a pleasure to wear a beautiful pyjama night and day.
For simplicity, we have also created simpler collections, both plain and patterned.Because at night we like to combine comfort and soft sleep, find our wide range of tops and pyjamas bottoms in satin, cotton and jersey.With our varied collections, you're sure to find what you're looking for and spend your best moments in pyjamas in style.